Lieutenant-General Ng Chee Meng – I Am Indebted To Singapore That’s Why I…..JoinThe PAP


Outgoing Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General Ng Chee Meng announced his intention to enter politics on Tuesday (Aug 18).

“It’s an open secret where I’m going next,” acknowledged the 47-year-old, who served the SAF for 29 years.

He is joining the PAP.

“And one of the things why I’ve decided, with the blessings of my family, to step forward, is really to serve the Singapore which I grew up in. For giving me all the opportunities through our meritocratic system. It’s not something that I’ve seen in many parts of the world. I’m indebted to Singapore.”

He is indebted to the PAP.

LG Ng said this comes from not just the opportunities afforded by the SAF scholarship, but also the nurturing and space to test himself and his abilities. Over the course of his career, he had been the Commander of Changi Air Base, the Commanding Officer of 144 Squadron and Chief of Air Force.

He was also the Chairman of the State Funeral Organising Committee for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and was part of the Vigil Guard at the founding Prime Minister’s lying in state.

“It is something that I hold closely to heart. That when we have some successes, we take care of the rest to make sure that we create the same opportunities – if not better opportunities – for others to succeed. For future generations to succeed.”

He added: “It’s with mixed feelings to answer to a call of duty, a different form of duty, and leaving the SAF a few months before my time is up. Usually CDFs serve three years, to leave earlier.”

Let us wait and see how far his call-of-duty will lead him and whether his bravery will lead him to the Aljuneid GRC battleground.

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