If General Ng Chee Meng Was Sincere In What He Said, He’d Run In Aljuneid GRC


By: B. Goode

The Chief Of Defence Force, Ng Chee Meng has finally admitted that he will be joining politics although everyone and their grandmothers already knew that he’d be doing just that, the moment he announced his resignation from the army.

And although he has not explicitly stated where he’d be going, everyone’s grandmothers and their husbands already knew. He’d be joining the PAP.

During his announcement, he also mentioned about feeling indebted to Singapore and that it was his call of duty. Commendable indeed.

In the context of PAP’s current campaign to save the residents of Aljuneid from the evil clutches of the Workers’ Party, and in the light of the General’s noble intentions, it would be most appropriate if he were to stand in Aljuneid GRC.

If you were indebted to Singapore, and if you truly believed that it was your call of duty to serve Singapore, then come and save the Aljuneid residents.

He could then bravely lead a PAP team in the GRC that is now without a leader as apparently all the PAP Ministers are scared busy with their own constituencies.

It would be a gamble of course. But the reward would far exceed the risk.

He could show Singaporeans what he is truly made off. A red-blooded general, brave and articulate who could plan and command a political battle like no other. Unlike the other General who is now in Marine Parade GRC needing to ride on the coat-tail of a former Premier.

And should he win, General Ng Chee Meng would be respected and no one could accuse him of being a political parachutist.

Should he lose, there will always a post waiting for him somewhere in the GLCs or government departments.

So what say you, Lieutenant-general Ng Chee Meng?

Are you brave enough?

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