SHOCKING! (not really) – National Solidarity Party Self-Implodes. Secretary-general Hazel Poa Resigns


Self-implosion even before the battle begins.

When NSP decided to to hand Marine Parade GRC plus Macpherson SMC over to the WP despite the NSP working the ground hard for the past few years, there were whispers of ‘kelong’ in the dark political corridors.

Some supporters were not happy because the NSP was seen as playing second fiddle to the WP. Apparently the unhappiness was so great that the party has now decided to contest Macpherson despite the multi-party agreement that they had with the other opposition parties.

And now the acting secretary-general Hazel Poa on Wednesday (Aug 19) announced her resignation from the party in protest at the party’s back-pedalling.

Ms Poa said: “As the direction that the party has decided to pursue deviates greatly from my own, I see no choice other than to resign from the NSP.”

Somewhere in the PAP’s headquarters, a General smiles…

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