WTF Of The Day – Yusok Ishak Fiasco


By: B. Goode

The name of Singapore’s first President Yusof Ishak was misspelt as “Yusok Ishak” on a foldout portion of the packaging as well as in an enclosed booklet.

First off. Everyone who is involved in the process of printing out that booklet is either unsure of the correct spelling or does not take any pride in their work.

It was not merely a stupid mistake. If they had mispelled `for’ as `four’ than we could say that it was a simple mistake and all would have been forgiven.

But they had misspelled not only the name of our First President, but the name of the person who was supposed to be commemorated on. That was not just a stupid mistake, but a mistake borne out of ignorance and pure laziness.

At least MAS MD, Ravi Menon realised the gravity of the mistake and quickly apologised and took full responsibility for it.

But what is more unacceptable is what they are going to do to rectify the mistake. By putting a sticker over it.

The `tidak apa’ attitude* is apparently creeping into the mindset of the very people who are supposed to oversee our monetary policies too.

Loose power cables on the MRT tracks? Tidak apa! Just use a cable-tie.

Stadium grass not growing? Tidak apa! We use plastic grass instead.

Too many cars on the roads? Tidak apa! Put some more ERP gantries.

Not enough people to pay taxes? Tidak apa! Just import any Tom, Muthu or Li into the country.

Not enough babies? Tidak apa! Give citizenships to young foreign students.

New HDB flats expensive? Tidak apa! Build more cheaper smaller flats.

Old people are seen collecting cardboards? Tidak apa! They need the exercise.

The people want their CPF returned? Tidak apa! This one just let them cry la….

President’s name printed wrongly? Tidak apa! Put a sticker to it.

I guess it could have been worse. It could have been misspelt as Yousuck Ishak.

*Heck care.

Note: We could have misspelt misspelt as misspelled. Tidak apa! We were from Chai Chee Secondary, not Arre Ai hor….

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3 Responses to WTF Of The Day – Yusok Ishak Fiasco

  1. Joker says:

    Please all the mistakes cannot be accounted because they were done with “good intentions” ask the Ministers, especially the Zero Zorro

  2. Bianco says:

    People should think about why they “commemorates” President Yusof Ishak at this time? Of course this “commemoration” is just a propaganda and wayang for gathering Malay votes. This mistake would not have happened if there is any sincerity in commemorating this man.

  3. The says:

    Talking about a big effing fail in proofreading, there is an even bigger mistake. At least the misspelt name is in the packaging only. If you look at the $10 note, there is a double space between “of” and “Singapore” in the sentence “First President of Singapore”.

    Maybe they should recall all the $10 notes. Or maybe they will become collectors’ items.

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