Paul Thambyah : From An Ivory Tower Looking Down On The Drains Below


By: B. Goode

If you put Paul Thambyah in a secondary school uniform, you might think that he was a PAP member.

But you cannot expect anything more because he is after all an SDP member. A member of a party who is fast becoming a PAP wannabe. A party who is more interested about airy-fairy `big-picture’ philosophies as though they are the government in waiting.

It is alright for PAP to do that because they are 1) the PAP and 2) they are in the government.

But for Paul Thambyah to say like what he said in the recent NUSS forum and I quote: “MPs are more than estate managers. Someone to lead the country, not to clear the drains,” is smack of delusion.

Let me get something straight. The SDP can never form the government to lead the country. They cannot even form a shadow government. Why? Because they could not even put forward enough candidates in the general elections.

So even if they won one or two GRCs, the most they could do is, to manage town councils. That’s right. To make sure that the drains are cleaned.

So all these airy-fairy talks coming from Paul Thambyah and the other SDP members taken in the light of their municipal mindset is laughable at best.

From the way they set up their teams for the general elections, they are destined to be nothing more than estate managers. Don’t hope of ever changing government policies especially if they will be too busy managing a town council. Something which they have never done before.

And they should smack themselves off their dream to run a country and start to take a course on estate management and what is needed to clean drains.

That is, if they win the elections.

And what is wrong with cleaning drains? What is so lowly of the job for Paul Thambyah to sneer at?

Is it because he is a professor at NUH? Talking about men-in-white in their ivory towers.

Paul Thambyah will fit in just nicely.

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