Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) unveils first candidates for General Election

chung-wai-fung-sdp-data khung-wai-yeen-of-sdp-data

The Singapore Democratic Party, the party founded by Mr Chiam See Tong who was then unceremoniously dumped by the current leader Chee Soon Juan, introduces its first two new candidates – Ms Chong Wai Fung and Mr Khung Wai Yeen.

SDP however refuses to say which constituencies they will contest.

Ms Chong is the SDP’s treasurer and a current administrator at Ren Ci Hospital’s Nursing Home in Moulmein. The 45-year-old joined the SDP in 2011 and said she has been accompanying its ground operations team on house visits to low-income families.

Mr Khung is an accounts manager at a European multinational company. The 34-year-old was formerly a Chief Engineering Naval Specialist in the Republic of Singapore Navy. “I believe that with the SDP in parliament, we’ll be pushing for alternative policies to make life better for Singaporeans,” he said. He added that he has been active with the SDP for slightly more than four years.

Mr Chee declined to say which constituencies the two will be fielded in, but confirmed the party has no change to its plans to contest Holland-Bukit Timah and Marsiling-Yew Tee Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) as well as Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang and Yuhua Single Member Constituencies (SMCs).

He also said the SDP has a “strong team of 11 candidates” and that details would be revealed in the coming weeks. 

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