Animal Rights Activist To Join PAP’s Nee Soon Team


Will Nee Soon Town ends up like this?:


or this?:

or this?:

Probably not quite.

But an animal rights activist has been roped in to join PAP’s Nee Soon team.

Joining the five-member GRC are animal rights activist Louis Ng.

Minister Shanmugam, who will be helming the team said: “Almost every major park (in Nee Soon) has been rejuvenated, the polyclinic made bigger. In Yishun and Kebun Baru, all eligible blocks have lifts on every floor.

Besides infrastructure, when the town council development comes through, we will have an integrated transport hub. I think we can take Nee Soon to the next level and make it one of the most exciting towns in the north,” he said.

What is important now is for residents to choose who will run the Government of Singapore, Mr Shanmugam said. “Who do you trust to run your country, your economy, keep your jobs safe, guarantee security? Second, who do you trust to run your town council, to make sure monies are not taken away, or (end up) in deficit after four years? Third, who do you trust to represent you well in Parliament, speak up for you and bring up your issues?”

Meanwhile, Louis Ng is the Chief Executive of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), a charity he founded when he was an undergraduate in 2001. Since then, he has led the organisation to one with an annual revenue of more than S$1 million in 2014.

He has also been a member of the Animal Welfare Legislation Review Committee and the Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Committee since 2012, where he assisted in drafting the new animal protection legislation in Singapore.

Many of you have seen me at ACRES, seen me on the ground rescuing animals, such as jumping into MacRitchie (reservoir) to rescue a monkey,” he said with a laugh. “On the ground now I can catch pythons, humans if need be!”

But he’s more than that, Mr Ng said. “One of the policy changes I want to see is volunteerism. (Volunteer) figures are going down and I want to help bring it up,” he said.

I want residents to help fellow residents. It’s about empowering people, inspiring them and mobilising them to come forth to serve.”

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