The Government Is Not The Shy Type : Lam Pin Min


The Fernvale columbarium saga in Sengkang West showed the Government would “not shy from making the right decision and reversing it if necessary”, said PAP MP Lam Pin Min.

Like as if the government had a choice….

Dr Lam, who is defending his single-seat ward in Sengkang West, acknowledged that the issue could be brought up by the opposition in the days ahead and could affect voters “to a certain extent”.

Dr Lam is likely to face software engineer Koh Choong Yong from the Workers’ Party in the coming election. Mr Koh contested the single-member constituency in 2011, and got 41.9 per cent of the vote against Dr Lam.

The columbarium issue sparked controversy in December 2014, when plans to build one next to a Build-to-Order (BTO) residential project in Fernvale Lea met with protests from buyers.

They said their sales brochures had not mentioned it. Questions were also raised about the decision to award a commercial firm the tender on land earmarked for religious use.

In January, the Government shot down plans by funeral services firm Eternal Pure Land to build the commercial columbarium. Earlier this month, a second tender for the site closed with four bidders.

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