Workers Party – Over-promising, Under-delivering


By: B. Goode

If the PAP’s manifesto is nothing but a marketing brochure, the WP’s manifesto is just a long complaint letter.

Although I have to admit that some of the complaints are valid such as over-crowding, high cost of living and so on but what are they gonna do about it?

Apparently just as what they had been doing since they were elected into parliament. Nothing.

Their strategy it seems is to get elected on the protest ticket. They are like the barometer for PAP’s unpopularity.

What they do is simply to list down the people’s complaints into a manifesto and hope that enough people would be unhappy with the PAP to vote for the WP. The more people who voted for them, the more it’d mean that the PAP were despised by the people and then they hoped that the PAP would change course and amend some of the unpopular policies.

For the four years or so, they practically did nothing in Parliament. Not even a single bill was proposed.

And that was precisely the point. They didn’t have the numbers to push through any legislation. It was not because of a lack of effort that they couldn’t get the numbers. But it was because of a deliberate strategy.

They simply didn’t want to form the government. And that was the strategy that they have brought along into this election.

So all the promises that they make to change government policies will remain just that. Promises. Because they cannot change them on their own.

So in the meantime, they just make some noises. Make some empty promises. And hope to attract the disgruntled.

It makes for a good albeit lazy strategy no doubt.

But a good opposition it does not.

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