Sylvia Lim Wants Sports Minister To Commit Suicide


WP Chairman, Sylvia Lim criticised the PAP Government for trying to infiltrate into every aspect of Singaporeans’ lives, such as by appointing government representatives in sports associations. Having touched on this briefly during the WP’s candidate introductions, she went into greater depth on the issue last night at the rally in Jalan Besar — the home of Singapore’s football administration.

First referring to the heyday of the national football team, Ms Lim then pointed to the “embarrassing” fact that FIFA has now asked the Football Association of Singapore to put its internal elections on hold due to possible government interference.

Stressing that the problem was not the efforts of local sportsman but the structure of sports associations, Ms Lim said “the Sports Minister should be committing harakiri” to cheers from the crowd. It was a jibe at another PAP leader, this time National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who had said during the AHPETC debate in Parliament that those guilty of financial mismanagement in listed companies in Japan would be subjected to the traditional ritual suicide act.

Like Mr Low, who spoke on the need for diversity of views and ideas to keep Singapore competitive in the next 50 years, Ms Lim said Singaporeans’ passions must be tapped to take the country forward instead of being over-dependent on the PAP Government.

Arguing that PAP MPs must still abide by the ministers’ decisions on policy matters, she said: “Letting (the PAP) check themselves is (like) giving them a blank cheque.”

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