Sylvia Lim: Buy WP Insurance Just In Case…


What would happen if future leaders of PAP turn out to be corrupt and self-serving? This was the question that Workers party chairman Sylvia Lim asked at the WP rally on Sunday.

The only way Singaporeans can protect their future is to buy an insurance policy – build up another party to take over if PAP fails,” she said.

Safeguards have to be built in when things are stable. It is too late to do anything when things go wrong in future.”

Workers’ Party (WP) chairman Sylvia Lim called on voters to protect their future by “building up another party who can take over” if the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) fails.

The election campaign has seen the parties trade arguments about whether a stronger Opposition was needed in Parliament. And at the WP rally on Sunday (Sep 6), Ms Lim put up her party – which has maintained that it is not yet ready to form the Government – as an “insurance policy” for Singaporeans.

She called on voters to help “reinforce and renew the ranks of the WP in Parliament” by supporting this relatively younger team – comprising Gerald Giam, Leon Perera, Mohamed Fairoz Shariff and Daniel Goh — who are between 36 and 44 years of age.

She noted that she herself is 50 this year, and secretary general Low Thia Khiang even older – he is 58. Both are part of the WP’s incumbent ‘A’ team  in Aljunied GRC. “We need young people to come in, learn, take over,” she said.

She reminded voters that even if all 28 WPs contesting the General Election are elected into Parliament, they would only amount to 31 per cent of the House, avoiding any political gridlock.

Nevertheless, she said: “(Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong) has tried to scare voters into thinking Singapore will be unstable if more opposition MPs are voted in.” But this has not been true of some countries, she added.

New Zealand has a population similar in size, and it has challenges too, of being isolated in the South Pacific. Its parliament has members from a range of parties. Does anyone think of New Zealand as being unstable?” she asked.

The PAP has got it wrong – with diverse political representation, Singapore will not be weaker, we will be stronger,” she added.

But the question is, what if WP themselves are corrupt?

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