PM Lee : If You Believe In Me, Support My Team


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday (Sep 8) called on Singaporeans to support him and all his People’s Action Party (PAP) candidates, and called “perverse” the Opposition’s argument that they should vote against the Government so that it would work harder.

To produce results for you, I need the right team to work with me, to work with you and for Singapore,” he said in a rousing speech under the hot sun at the party’s lunch-time rally outside UOB Plaza.

I need that support not just in Ang Mo Kio GRC … I need that support from all of you all over Singapore,” he said, whether it be West Coast or East Coast GRC, MacPherson or Bukit Panjang SMC.

The candidate standing there is standing on behalf of the PAP. So by voting for him, you’re voting for me, my team, my programme, my promise. And my promise is, we’ll work with you to make Singapore better for you and for your children.”

The Opposition’s formula doesn’t make sense, Mr Lee said. “They say, ‘if the Government did a good job it’s because you voted for the Opposition. So, vote for the Opposition and the Government will work harder. Doesn’t matter if Opposition is not doing the work.’ What sort of politics is that?” he asked.

It’s perverse, it’s upside down, you confuse yourself. You mess things up, you weaken the team, you end up with outcomes you don’t want, an Opposition which is strengthened but incapable,” said Mr Lee, who is the PAP’s secretary-general.

Actually, the argument is the other way around,” he said. “The Opposition is not working hard enough. They make a mess of things, they’re not active enough in Parliament, they’re not talking much sense – vote PAP to make the Opposition work harder!” he added, to the roar of the crowd.

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1 Response to PM Lee : If You Believe In Me, Support My Team

  1. Joker says:

    Unfortunately I do not believe in him and I hope many don’t too

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