A Sad Day For The Trolls


By: B. Goode

In his speech after the PAP’s landslide win, PM Lee had forgotten to thank a group of people who had contributed significantly to the win; the trolls and keyboard warriors.

Simply put, the opposition lost because they were too driven and consumed by trollish issues. It was best summed up by the leader of Reform Party, Kenneth J who apparently threw his arms up in the air in disgust and told Singaporeans not to complaint to him anymore. And also by Singfirst Party’s Tan Jee Say who could not understand how the election results could be so contrary to the feelings that he got from the ground.

They simply didn’t get it, did they? The complaints and feelings were from the trolls. And the majority of Singaporeans are not trolls.

And it was more unfortunate that for some of the opposition leaders, they themselves evolved into trolls.

gms kj

And it was then that any chances of them winning the elections had become impossible.

K Shanmugam was right afterall. It was not a popularity contest. If it was, the PAP would have been given a slap-me-down. At least if the popularity of the troll websites was of any indicator.

But the opposition apparently preferred to believe the hyperbole and lesser issues published in those websites and the consequent postings by the trolls and keyboard warriors.

So as they got distracted and focussed their attention to those issues, the PAP instead took the higher ground and focussed on the bigger issues; the very issues that touched the hearts and minds of Singaporeans at large. The future.

The opposition failed because they broke the cardinal rule in trolling.

Never ever believe in your own bull-shit.

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