Halimah Yacob For President!

halimah yacob

By: B. Goode

Now that the elections are over and that Heng Swee Kiat will be the next PM, our focus will be on the Presidential election which is due next year.

There are already names mentioned in the hallowed halls of the….internet. George Yeo, Tan Cheng Bock and even Tharman.

They are all capable people no doubt. But they do come with baggages of their own.

For George Yeo, he seems to be reluctant to return to public service. His recent interviews pointed to a man unwilling to commit himself. This is not the president we want regardless of his excellent resume. We want someone who is not afraid to make a commitment especially to the highest office in the land. We certainly do not want someone who is wishy-washy as if the Presidency is something not worth his time.

What is he waiting for? For Singaporeans to beg him? That’s not how democracy works.

As for Tan Cheng Bock, his reason to be the President is suspect. Why did he put himself up as a candidate in the previous Presidential election against his own former comrade? Why wasn’t he invited by the ruling party to be their candidate in the first place? Who is he representing? Did he find someting discomforting with the ruling government that he needed to be the one checking on them? If that was the case, shouldn’t he just air them in public?

There are so many questions regarding this man that his candidacy can best be described as `controvesial’.

As for Tharman, it is not so much his baggage although his past brush with the law pertaining to the OSA and his liberalism during his younger days may or may not come into play, but he is more needed in the government.

So we need someone else. Someone who is affable, who cuts through the political divide. Someone who is a member of a community that is long over-due to have a president from amongst them. I am referring to the womenfolks of course. *grin

And it is not that her resume is less than stellar. Long before she was made the speaker of parliament, she was active in social works especially involving those who are less-fortunate.

She is not controversial. She has never been known to seek or hog the limelight. In fact, last I heard, she is still staying in a HDB flat with her family.

Perhaps she doesn’t have the charisma of George Yeo or Tharman but that will come with the presidency.

I am of course talking about Halimah Yacob.

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