New Excuse For Train Fault ; Balloons!


Next time when there is an MRT breakdown, don’t be too quick to blame the PAP. It could well be because of a little kid’s fault.

SBStransit has recently put up posters at stations on the North East Line (NEL) to remind commuters to hold on tightly to their balloons

In the poster, train operator SBS Transit explains: “If (the balloons) get caught in the overhead power lines, they can cause a power trip and bring train services to a halt.”

SBS Transit said that it decided to put up the posters two months ago after a train disruption happened on April 6 last year.

In that incident, train services on the NEL were disrupted for close to an hour in both directions between Farrer Park and Boon Keng stations due to a power trip.

Investigations by the Land Transport Authority showed that a passenger had accidentally released an aluminium foil helium balloon, which slipped into the tunnel at Boon Keng Station when the platform screen doors were opened.

The balloon then came into contact with an electrical insulator of the overhead catenary system – the power supply system installed on the ceiling of the train tunnel – and caused an electrical fault.

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