ISIS : Arabian Night; Turkish Delight

arabian night


By: B Goode

Just a few hundred kilometers to the south-east of ISIS stronghold, along the Persian Gulf, are the playgrounds of the rich and famous; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar.

They are all Arabs. So are the ISIS.

And so are the Palestinians, and the Syrian refugees huddled together from the winter cold and summer heat in camps near the Turkish border. And so is the million now flooding into Europe.

Meanwhile the Arabs in the Persian Gulf are belly dancing on their pot of black gold which clearly they don’t deserve.

It makes one wonder as to how is this even possible? How could the rich gulf arabs allow their brothers and sisters to the north suffer? And why are the Arab refugees, and the Palestinians not seeking refuge amongst the gleaming, swanky skylines of the Persian Gulf?

The reason is because the Arabs for centuries have always been tribal. They identify themselves with their own tribes more than with their race. So as far as the Gulf Arabs are concerned, the Palestinians and the Syrians are as good as Greeks to them. The fact that they share a common language is inconsequential.

Add politics and economics to this and you’ll have a story leafed from the Arabian Nights; betrayal and intrigue but without the happily ever after.

For some reasons, the other Arabs don’t like the Assad regime of Syria. Some speculated that it was because of the planned Russian oil pipeline that would cut across Syria and thus threatening the status of the Gulf States as the centre of oil trade in the Middle-east.

And so they are eager to see the demise of the regime, even to the extent of supporting the Syrian rebels who then aligned themselves with ISIS. By then it was too late

Meanwhile Turkey has an axe to grind. As recent as the first World War, almost the entire Middle-East, including Syria, was under the control of the then Ottoman Empire, now known as Turkey. When Turkey lost the war, the regions was partitioned and `awarded’ to the victorious allies. Syria was given to France to manage.

And with the present turmoil in Syria, Turkey decided to take advantage and supported ISIS. Turkey gets cheap smuggled oil, while ISIS act as a buffer against the Turkish Kurds.

So in short, ISIS is a product of the Arabs. They are an Arab problem.

Just because they are Muslims does not make it a Muslim problem. And now that the problem has spread to other non-arabic parts of the world, it is imperative for the Arabs to solve this problem before the world gets her hand deeper and try to solve the problem for them. Because if that happened, we could expect more turmoil in the region.

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