Pets Or Pests? – The Yishun Cats Murder Case

killer cat

By: B Goode


So some cats were found dead in Yishun and all hell broke loose.

Some patients were found dead in SGH because of HEP-C infection and those responsible were let loose. This is not a spurious remark. Investigations into the outbreak revealed that staff could be laxed in disinfection procedures.

When something went wrong with Singtel, they were fined thousand of dollars. When something went wrong with SMRT, they were fined thousand of dollars.

But when something went wrong with SGH, `Bah! Shit happens’.

But I understand. Cats can’t sue.

Don’t get me wrong. The perpetrator/s must be dealt with or the paranoia in us will get us thinking that he/she will upgrade to killing babies.

I am referring to the cat killer/s of course.

But what I don’t understand is why, short of declaring a national emergency, must everyone get involved? The Police, AVA, animal welfare groups and an MP.

An MP! Someone who is elected by the people (not cats) is spending way too much time on something that should be left to the relevant authorities.

Granted he was in ACRES but you didn’t see Tony Tan, when he was an MP spending his days at the bank counter did you?

Although the cat killer is directly responsible for the deaths, I blame the circumstances leading to the deaths to the cat owners, lovers and the animal welfare groups. Especially the animal welfare groups because they seemed to forget that there are various types of animals in this world.

I am surprised that they have not asked for those caged animals in the zoos, bird parks and aquariums to be released.

We should take a leaf from some countries such as Australia and New Zealand. In those countries they have a mindset that a cat or a dog or any kind of domesticated animals, is a pet only if it is in a home or accompanied by its owner.

Those that are roaming without a home are considered as pests and should be removed.

Feral cats cause untold damage to the environment. They wipe out local fauna, some to extinction. So in those countries if your cat is not at home, and if it goes missing, the blame is solely on you.

And the job of the animal welfare groups is to educate the people of this fact. Not to cry mother father and to blame everything and everyone else.

Here in Singapore, animal welfare groups seem to encourage the proliferation of feral cats. There don’t seem to have any programs to educate the people not to feed cats. No programs to educate owners to keep their cats in-house.

So we have a situation where if I own a cat, I can let it out at night because someone will feed it, and it can do its stinky business in my neighbours’ flower pots instead of on my carpet. Or terrorise the neighbourhood.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone loves cats. Some are even allergic to them.

So next time if you see a cat roaming free, don’t see it as something cute. See it as a pest that became a pest due to its irresponsible owner and the result of the animal welfare groups that have lost their focus.

And oh by the way. Is there an offence for killing pests? If I used Shelltox on a colony of ants, would I be arrested?

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