Eh Nyonya JC

nyonya kueh


By: B Goode

A new Junior College for the elites has just been announced. And with a name like `Eunoia’, the elitism is complete.

Us plebs and our children can never hope to be in that JC for sure. I mean. If we can’t even pronounce the name…..

Apparently it is a Greek word. Forgive me if I don’t know what it means because well, for starters I am not Greek. None of us are. Not even the `pousti’ who came up with that name.

According to the elites, Eunoia has got something to do with beautiful and goodwill. Then why the `vlakas’ don’t they just name it Beautiful JC or Goodwill JC. Or if they wanted to be more pretentious, named it The Goodwill JC For The Beautiful.

There are so many foreign words to choose from and they have to choose a name that is more appropriate for a cakeshop.

Why not name it Pooky JC? Pooky actually means `to endear’.

Or Konek JC. No. I am not making this up.

Or Tehtehk JC. In the obscure language of a South American tribe, Tehtehk means success.

Ok I made that one up.

What I am trying to say is that why can’t they choose a proper name? Something with history. Something that can be easily understood. And most importantly something that is pronounceable.

I pity the students of the new JC who will have to call themselves `Eunoians’.


Damn right you are. Bunch of annoyance!

And if we have to get an obscure foreign word to name one of our instituition, it only shows not only the dearth of ideas from our top echelon, but how much respect our leaders have towards our own culture.

If they couldn’t find an appropriate word that all Singaporeans could understand that encapsulated what it meant to be Singaporeans, then why would we plebs even bother?

All these talks about building a nation and a home and they couldn’t even find a nice local name for a JC.

If I was in-charge of giving the JC a name. I’d name it Elite Junior College.

Because that’s what it really is.

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