Elitism, Meritocracy And Teachers’ Parking


By: B Goode

When I read the news that MOE was considering to impose parking charges to teachers who drove to school, I was shocked!

I wasn’t shocked about the plan. Rather I was shocked to know that all these while teachers were enjoying free parking!


I thought that all government officers had to pay for parking in their places of work?

Apparently teachers have been exempted and they have been keeping quiet about it, sniggering in the corner at their less fortunate civil servant counterparts.

But I am sure they will take this in their strides. They are teachers afterall. They are supposed to impart the virtues of fairness, loyalty, respect for authorities and to hold their tongues even in the face of adversity.

Cannot use Hokkien expletives hor…

But what I am more interested to know is whether those in the higher echelon of the Ministry have to pay for their parking? The Ministers (yes they have two) for example.

I doubt so.

This anomaly happens throughout the government departments.

The higher up you are, the more chances of you not paying for your parking.

It is funny when you think that the higher up you are, the more reasons for you to pay for parking because you jolly well can afford it.

But nope. This is afterall, meritocracy.

If you want free parking, all you have to do is to study hard, work hard, gargle a few balls and work yourself up the corporate ladder.

The problem with meritocracy is that it breeds elitism. In fact, we can go as far as to say that at times, meritocracy is being used as an excuse for elitist policies.

The fact is, Singapore is an elitist country. No amount of Shanmuganism can deny this.

Take the case of Eunoia JC. If that is not elitist, I don’t know what is.

And what do you do after you’ve become an elite?

Institute paid parking for all except for yourself.

Because you are an an elite mah….

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