David Bowie Is Dead And I Am Depressed


By: B Goode

Pop icon David Bowie is dead. And I am so bloody depressed that I am not in the mood to bitch about anything.

I grew up with his music. He was like the grand uncle of shock pop; the template from which Lady Gaga, Madonna and all those talentless, manufactured singers copied from.

The difference was that, he had class.

The reason why I am so depressed is perhaps due to the realisation that one part of my childhood is dead. And as time passes by, more will follow suit until I myself will be gone.

Death and taxes. The only things in life guaranteed to happen.

But I take solace in the fact that everybody will die. No amount of insurance, CPF, medishield, medilife, medipediplusplus can stop the angel of death from visiting you.

Including my ex-girlfriend who dumped me for a medical student just because he drove a swanky car owned by his father.

I saw her on facebook. She is fat now.


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