We Belong To The World. Deal With It.


By: B Goode

That story about the SAF supposedly outsourcing the parachute riggers to PRC people is beyond ridiculous.

Singaporeans. Our lives are so boring that we just have to make a drama out of nothing.

It is like finding a wart in your ass and your doctor said that it was benign and there was nothing to worry about.

“But I don’t want a wart in my ass. I’M GONNA DIE!!”

Even when the SAF came out to clarify that the rigging was outsourced to Singapore’s own company, some people still refused to believe. What if, they asked, Singapore was to go to war with China? Those PRC riggers could sabo us.

Yeah right.

Look. If Singapore was at war with China, there would be plenty more things to worry about than nylon ropes. Cruise missiles for instance. With nuclear warheads.

Just look around us for goodness sake.

What if Singapore was to go to war with Bangladesh or India?

“OMG! There are going to be riots!!”

And what if we were to go to war with Indonesia or Philippines?

“OMG! Who’s gonna take care of my old parents and young children? I HAVE TO CLEAN MY OWN TOILETS!!”

Whether we like it or not, we have offered out ass to the world many, many years ago. It is called globalisation. And being a small country without any natural resources, we do not have a choice.

We are like an ugly, flat chested prostitute with nothing to offer except for a tight ass.

We should be lucky.

The world is so open now. Singapore is so open now that there is practically nothing insular anymore.

That smartphone you are using now. Ever wonder what is this `cloud’ you are always prompted with? It is a database.

So if you are using a China phone, that `cloud’ could jolly well be in the basement of the Chinese Military Intelligence Agency.

You know that nude photo of yours that you sent to your wife or girlfriend?

One Corporal Li Na couldn’t stop giggling.

So what are we going to do? Ban all China phones? How about Korean phones? iPhones? Japanese phones? Ban them all?

Of course not.

The fact of the matter is that, there are very little secrets left in this world. And in the case of Singapore, there is very little that we can insulate.

So what can we do?

Just bend over, grit our teeth and say :

“Thank you. Please come again”

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