A Sliver Of Hope For Halimah Yacob To be President


By: B Goode

Either PM Lee has been reading my blog or it is just a case of great men think alike.

Most probably it’s neither.

But in his Parliamentary speech, PM Lee outlined some changes he would like to see to the Singapore political system. Apart from the perfunctory proposals to tweak the GRC, NCMP and NMP schemes to ensure the continued perception of the existence of an opposition voice, the one that actually made some sense was the one about the Elected Presidency.

Especially the one about making sure that the minorities have a chance to be elected as President `periodically’, which in the case of the Malays, once every fifty years. Maybe.

How he is hoping to do this is to include elements of the GRC system into it. How this is going to be implemented remains to be seen because there is only one President unless he intends to have a Vice-president. Or perhaps having the whole Presidential Council standing for election and the president is elected from members of the winning team. Or maybe for the PM to be given the power to declare for a particular Presidential Election to be contested only by minorities.

Whatever it is, Mdm Speaker Halimah Yacob ada chance lah…

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