Trumpty Dumpty


By: B Goode

I have written before about political trolls especially during the GE2015 and how they lost because they had believed in their own bullshit. They had believed in the hype of their own making.

They did things and spewed rubbish that only clowns would. And as the applause from the entertained crowd got louder, they became more emboldened and more clownish, sucking the limelight away from the more serious opposition parties.

The problem was that, not many people wanted clowns as their leaders. So they lost.

And now over the big blue yonder, a bigger troll has emerged. Donald Trump.

He is like the mother of all trolls; courting controversies from the most mundane of things because he loves the limelight. Not that he ever needs one. His hair alone is worth a million internet points.

And just like Singaporeans, when it comes to the crux of the matter, not many Americans would want a troll as their leader.

America did not become the most advanced and powerful nation by having fools and idiots as its citizens. They are realistic, pragmatic and intelligent albeit they do love being entertained. And that’s what Trump is. An entertainer extraordinaire.

Donald Trump will never be the President of The United States. He’ll be lucky to even win the Republican nomination regardless of what the polls say.

Because when Election day comes, his supporters, the trolls, will simply stay at home.

Because that’s what trolls do. They are not interested in politics. They are only interested in entertaining themselves and if that comes at the expense of politics, so be it.

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