Would I Die For Singapore? No Thanks!


By: B Goode

The worst thing you could do during Chinese New Year was to ask Singaporeans about death.

Sibei pantang.

I remember a friend’s son who worked in the Civil Defence. When he wanted to get married, he suggested using an SCDF ambulance as the bridal car because he thought it was cool. He almost got disowned.

In fact, asking kiasi Singaporeans whether they will die for anything is like asking whether Donald Trump’s hair is real.

We are a nation that has embodied kiasism and make it into a fine artform. We are simply afraid to die.

Pedantry aside (WTF is We Are Majulah? – asks the Mak Chik), if you asked me whether I’d die for Singapore, I’d say: `must die one meh?’

I’d work hard for Singapore. I’d be law abiding. I’d pay my taxes and the ERP and the COE and the CPF and promised not to kill the neighbourhood stray cats. Heck I’d even vote for the PAP.

But the moment I felt that my life was being threatened, I’d run. Why shouldn’t I?

Because I don’t have the confidence that my neighbours, and friends and colleagues and the politicians would stay and fight. If even Ministers’ children could have dual-citizenships, why should I be stupid to stay on? To protect the new citizens who wouldn’t have taken our passports if they had to serve NS, or who took our passports as a jumping stone to another country?

No thank you.

Even the Policemen during the Little India riots were afraid to die.

We have a government that for years have been preaching and practising pragmatism; dollars and cents politics at the expense of ideals. Hell to the Nature Reserve because building an MRT line through it is $2 billion cheaper.

Tell me again. What ideals am I supposed to fight for?

Democracy? Freedom? Money? What?

If those were the ideals, I could find them in some other countries.

For my family? Nah. They’ll be flying out with me.

So it is not about whether we will die for Singapore. It is about not having to make that decision at all.

If we have to make a choice, the choice will be obvious.

Nothing in Singapore, as it is now, is worth dying for.

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2 Responses to Would I Die For Singapore? No Thanks!

  1. Tan S Y says:

    I wonder how you know that Ministers’ (plural) children have dual citizenship. If indeed there are such cases, they cannot be concealed as over time the secret will be exposed so unless you have proof of this it is not good to just believe in murmurs / hearsay and then repeat it. Perhaps you could name the ministers concerned to shame them. You may say that harm or legal suits would be mounted against you if you do this but stand up for it if you have solid evidence. Of course even ministers could have children who wish to give up their Singapore citizenship.

    With regards to the Cross Island Line through the reservoir, nature lovers cry foul while people or businesses who live on the long route also cry foul so it is not at all surprising that there will be two camps There could also be engineering issues so I don’t think it is just the $$.

    I hope you and your family have the time to get out of Singapore if the crunch comes to it if that is what you want.

    However, I think there nobody can claim affirmatively that he and she would die for or take flight if such a need comes to pass. We cannot be too sure that we will definitively do this or that as we claim. Those who claim so assuredly of their loyalty or those who claim otherwise often say too soon – until they are really tested no one can be overly confident.


  2. I like the last sentence.

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