He Is Only Human. David Ong Should Not Have Resigned

david ong

By: B Goode

MP David Ong was presumably caught with his pants down. I said presumably because… never mind I am not going there.

So in the fine tradition of Singapore politicians being required to wear chastity belts, David Ong resigned.

The problem is not that he was having an extramarital affair. But because he was caught (LOL!). Had he not been caught, he would have continued to be a fine, hardworking MP; something that he was voted for in the first place.

Why are we so hung-up on insisting that our politicians must be sexually….unadventurous? We are talking about Singapore here. A country that legalises brothels and prostitutes, and is internationally famous for the four floors of whores. We are by any standard of morality, not angels. We are in fact, only humans.

And yet we demand that our politicians keep their dingles and coochies under tampered-proof zippers. There is nothing criminal about affairs between two consenting adults. At least not in Singapore.  In Saudi Arabia maybe. Even then the King is allowed to hide a harem.

saudi king harem

Affairs are at most, morally reprehensible. And depending on which God you believed in, you might go to hell. But then again, not many politicians would end up in heaven.

Already there is a dearth of people wanting to join politics. And now we are limiting them to nuns, priests, imams, angels, saints and Josephine Teos?

Who are we trying to kid? In a country where sex is so easily available, and where sex between two consenting adults is not illegal, we are practically scrapping the barrel.

We are making good capable humans and mortals scared of joining politics. Scared of getting caught. In this day and age, we should seriously reconsider what we want from our politicians.

In the case of David Ong, did his extramarital affair affect his performance as an MP? If anything, I would think that it would make him more energised. At least I would.

And it should be a matter for him and his family to settle. We should not judge him based on our own faulty moral compass.

David Ong should not feel compelled to resign.

As the saying goes:

If everyone is perfect, there is no need for heaven and hell.





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1 Response to He Is Only Human. David Ong Should Not Have Resigned

  1. Pat Chue says:

    Its a case of wrong people doing the right thing? Maybe.

    Do we care why affairs happen?

    Are we sure past and present ministers have no skeletons in their closets? Theirs may not be illegal conduct but possibly unbecoming ones that are not socially acceptable. And as long as these are under wraps , its “ok”?

    We have to judge our MPs in accordance with our laws. And surely not with standards we would use to judge angels.

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