Malaysian Muslim Religious Fanatic Banned From Entering Singapore : Oh Joy!


By: B Goode

Whoever that decided to ban Ridhuan Tee from entering Singapore should be applauded.

We don’t need a Trump wannabe in this country and by banning him we have made our statement very clear. If you didn’t like Singapore to such an extent that you had once proposed going to war over a rock (Pedra Branca), then you deserved to be banned.

Ridhuan Tee is a Malaysian University lecturer. He is famous not because of his intellect. I mean being a lecturer in an un-ranked University…..

He is famous because he is also a TV personality mostly hosting Islamic programmes on Malaysian TV. He is a Chinese Muslim convert. There is nothing wrong in that per se.

But apparently he seems to think that being a Muslim also equates to being a Malay so much so that he has been called `more-Malay-than-a- Malay’. Again there is nothing wrong with that per se.

But in trying to portray himself as such, he was known to spew inflammatory remarks against non-Malays and non-Muslims. For a person who was also barred from entering Sarawak, you could imagine how despicable he is.

And he sees Singapore as a bastion for infidels in the region and set his incendiary remarks towards this country.

Anyway, he was barred from entering Singapore about two months ago. Nobody would have known about the incident if he himself didn’t tell the world. But he did and decided to go all bonkers about it accusing the Singapore authorities of treating him like a terrorist.

How the hell would he know how a terrorist would be treated?

He was asked to return to Malaysia after about two hours of interview.

Now, that would not be how we treat a terrorist would we?

So yeah. Kudos for banning him.

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1 Response to Malaysian Muslim Religious Fanatic Banned From Entering Singapore : Oh Joy!

  1. Pat Chue says:

    We should allow him entry into Singapore. If he doesn’t violate any of Singapore’s laws – fine. If he does, then take him to task and, in accordance wth our laws, penalise him accordingly.

    Of course, we will have a circus of a time on both sides of the Causeway. Maybe, if he does do time in jail, other inmates might be able to enlighten him in more ways than one.

    The big worry, however, is …. once he is in Singapore, no country will ever one him on their shores.

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