Wei Ling’s Weird Wailings


By: B Goode

I have itchy fingers. I’ve got this spot of psoriasis between my index and middle fingers (there’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m going to let it pass) in which the doctor had prescribed steroid cream. It seemed to work and as I was googling for the side-effects of steroids, I was directed to the news article of a spat between PM Lee and his sister Wei Ling. Don’t ask me what’s the link between steroids and the Lee siblings but google can be strange sometimes.

Anyway, I have been following Wei Ling’s musings for quite some time especially after the death of her father LKY. Like many, I enjoyed her writings because they gave an insight into the life of LKY that was not privy to others. But unlike others, somehow or rather I also felt her writings to be her own way of dealing with grief. Papa this. Papa that….

But lately it started to get really weird.

She reminded me of my two year old nephew who would go into a jealous rage whenever someone got near to his mom. He was clingy. Understandable for a two year old child but Dr Lee Wei Ling looks like she is in her thirties.

Age, hair and `no you are not fat’; three things you lie to a woman to make her happy.

Most of us could understand that Wei Ling missed her father. Being the youngest child and the only daughter and the fact that she has lived with her parents all her life would make anyone, even the head of a brain institute, all weepy.

But to wail and accuse her brother of abusing his powers and chiding Singaporeans for remembering the legacy of LKY, that would be a little….creepy.

We get it. She is the daughter of LKY. But that does not mean that she has the sole right on how LKY is supposed to be remembered, simply because LKY was, to me at least, a legend.

At the end of the day, if she truly believed that LKY’s wishes should be followed to the letter, than perhaps she should leave the family home so that it could be demolished as per LKY’s request.

But apparently she is still clinging to the memory of her father, just like how some Singaporeans cling to the memory of their leader.

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1 Response to Wei Ling’s Weird Wailings

  1. Joker says:

    Stir Stir Stir my friends, let the shit hit the fan

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