PCism Vs Truism

vagina dress

By: B Goode

When Ho Ching posted a picture of a monkey on her facebook, she got whacked.  When Denise Phua called some foreign workers `walking time bombs’, she also got whacked.

When the lady above posted that picture on her facebook, she was mocked and condemned because of her dress. They complained that her dress had a picture of a vagina. Maybe I am blind but I have never seen a vagina looking like that. Or maybe because I am not a gynaecologist. Or most probably because I was always too drunk to observe.

I will do it next time. Promise.

Nowadays, you cannot use the word handicap unless you are playing golf. You cannot call a person blind, or deaf, or dumb. You need to call them something-impaired. And God help you if you were to call someone one-legged even when you see him hopping to cross the road. He is to be called a leg-amputee.

Once upon a time, same-sex people were called homosexuals. Then they wanted to differentiate themselves according to sex which was ironic to say the least. So the males are now called gays (G) and the females, lesbians (L). Then the transgenders, hands on their hips, screeched `Hello! What about us? We are neither here nor there’. So they were given the letter (T). Then came the bisexuals, who unlike the transgenders, wanted to be in anyone and everyone, and they were given the letter (B). And so we have the acronym LGBT.

But that was not the end of the story. The crossdressers came along and wanted to be included as well. So they were assigned the letter (Q) for queers. So it became LGBTQ. But the story went on and on with people with strange sexual tendencies and those who identified themselves as attack helicopters wanted to be included as well. That was when even the most political correct (PC) of the lot gave up and simply gave the rest the sign (+). So finally we have LGBTQ+

I missed the days when they were all called bapok.

And now I heard that the spades wanted to be called soil-removing implements. They do not want to be called spades anymore.

I do agree that political correctness (PC) has its merits. But sometimes, it is taken way way too far.

Take the case of Denise Phua and her description of foreign workers gathering in huge numbers in Serangoon Road as walking time-bombs. It was a perfect description. So perfect that no explanation was needed. You must be stupid, err.. I mean intellectually-challenged not to understand the message she was trying to convey. But the poor woman had to issue an apology.

And that monkey picture that Ho Ching posted?

Although I am not one to be politically correct, I try to be litigation-free.

So I am just going to keep my mouth shut and pretend to be speech-impaired.

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