Are You Ready For Sugar Tax?

sugar tax

By: B Goode

Health Minister Gan recently announced that he’d make fighting diabetes his number one priority.

Oh oh! Pattern lai liao….

Call me cynical but the government will never fight for nothing. It is always for something. And in this case, I smell money.

Usually it would start off with someone making an issue out of something. And then in the following days and weeks and months, other government sycophants would blow the issue out of proportion. The brown-nosing media would then take up the cudgel and print studies and research papers and polls and amputees’ sob stories and then BAM! sugar tax.

If we were to have sugar tax in Singapore, we would not be the first in the world. Other countries such as the UK, already have sugar tax. I am not sure whether it is working in combating diabetes but I am sure the media will soon say that it is.

As a smoker (yeah sue me!), I don’t mind sugar tax because I am convinced that sugar is really bad for your health. As to whether smoking is bad, it definitely is….for your wallet.  Because we’ve had tobacco tax and smoking restrictions for years and what happened? The rate of cancer has been increasing over the years and it was telling that the statistics didn’t say how many of them were actually smokers.

Again call me cynical, but it seemed as though the government treated smokers, and drinkers like ATMs.

“We need more money for the pioneer generation”, said Heng Swee Kiat.

“Don’t worry. Just increase the tobacco and alcohol tax”, replied Tharman.

*The above conversation may or may not happen.

Which brings me to the real reason why I’d love sugar tax.  It would at least take the heat off us smokers and drinkers.

And I am looking forward to the day when there will be health warning on all sugar products, the ban on the consumption of sugar products in hospitals, void-decks, enclosed areas, 400 parks (hahaha), and on their sale between 10.30pm and 7am, age restrictions (sorry kids) and undercover MOH officers sneaking around behind pillars to catch people sucking on lollipops.

Meanwhile more people will still get fat and die of diabetes.

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