Workers Party – The No Frills, No Thrills, No Work Party


By: B Goode

I once had a colleague who had perfected the art of not working much. He’d have his job scope pasted on the wall of his partition. So whenever his colleagues or even his manager was to ask him to do something, he’d check his job scope. If the work wasn’t listed there, he’d turn the request down.

He didn’t get into much trouble because firstly he didn’t break any rule. But most importantly all the jobs that he was supposed to do, he did them splendidly.

He must have followed the mantra `Don’t work hard. Work smart’ to the letter.

In a way, The Workers Party (WP) reminded me of that colleague of mind. They will only do what they are supposed to do. Nothing more.

Take the case of the Elected Presidency Review Committee that is now sitting to get feedbacks and ideas from the public. The WP have stated that they are not going to get involved. They will wait for the completed bill to be tabled in Parliament to be debated on. Maybe because they felt that they were `sikit atas’, parliamentarians, the peoples’ choice and so they’d rather leave all the dirty work to the peons and general workers.

Or most probably they just didn’t have any ideas to contribute.

I could understand that preparing a proposal, submitting it, and having to face the review committee would involve a lot of hard work. I could also understand if the WP would rather spend that time to manage the town council instead. Because that’s what they are supposed to do.

But even then, their basic work is left much to be desired. AHPETC is still having some financial issues after so many years.

So unlike my ex-colleague who was damn good in what he was supposed to do, the WP on the other hand, couldn’t even get their basic job scope right.

So unlike my ex-colleague, the WP deserved to get the sack.

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