Only In Singapore Where A Lesbian Is Free To Finger A Child And AWARE Is Not Awake


By: B Goode

There are things in life that simply boggle the mind.

Take the case of the lesbian who was found not guilty of digital penetration (fingering) of a child. The reason according to the presiding Judge was because the law implied that only men could commit the offence.

I mean, it’s as if only men have fingers and women don’t…

But I took solace in the fact that at least she was found guilty of an indecent act and that the AG would be filing an appeal against the acquittal.

But what is more boggling is that the bastion of squabbling feminists, lesbians and gossipy aunties aka AWARE that is supposed to represent the interest of women has been keeping very quiet.

Perhaps they empathized with the accused because she is a woman and a lesbian. But the victim is a girl ffs!

The least I’d expect them to do was to implore the AG to lodge an appeal but nope.

No wonder many people saw AWARE as nothing more than an association where their members met to gossip and exchange cake recipes.

And we shall wait and see if the congregation of full-time estate managers/part-time lawmakers aka Parliament would change the law should the AG’s appeal failed.




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