Ditch Dr Chee And Make SDP Great Again!


By: B Goode

The SDP’s mini-manifesto for Bukit Batok looks good.

By focussing on localised, town-councillish issues and trying to win the hearts of the voters with social action plans, the SDP have gotten their strategy to perfection. Well, almost.

I will let the PAP IBs pick bones with the manifesto. Oh never mind. Let me just pick one. Except for using his MP allowance if he gets elected, why wait to get elected before implementing the rest of the ideas?

Having said that however, by shedding any pretence of being the intellectual political party which SDP is trying hard to be, they have managed to put forward a very convincing sales pitch.

There is one big problem though. And his name is Dr Chee Soon Juan.

As I have written before but this time I will say it more seriously; Dr Chee is very dislikeable and repugnant. Not as a person I am sure but as a politician. And I will go as far as to say that he is un-electable.

When SDP was under Chiam See Tong, they were arguably a force to be reckoned with. Stronger than the WP even. They actually won the Bukit Gombak SMC in 1991. But ever since Chee manoeuvred to kick Chiam out of the SDP a few years later, the party has lost its mojo. It is pertinent to note that in the last GE, Chee only won slightly more that 30% of the votes. This despite him being heralded (mostly by him, himself) as the return of the precocious child from the political wilderness.

Most people see Chee as bad-mannered, disrespectful and boorish. Who could forget his shouting extravaganza in Macpherson? Or his blatant lies that resulted in him getting sued and lost by the PAP leadership? And of course the way he treated Chiam See Tong. Gangsta-politics have no room in Singapore. Unless your name is Lee Kuan Yew.

Most importantly though, you can say a lot of things about Singaporeans; whiny, entitled, bratty, ugly but one thing they hold dear is loyalty. Not to a party or individual but to the nation. So when you have someone like Chee using global platforms to diss Singapore, you can bet that Singaporeans will not forgive nor will they forget.

So if the SDP want to see the party be great again, they will have no choice but to ditch Dr Chee. I mean, if even the republican elder statesmen are contemplating ditching Donald Trump if he doesn’t win the nomination outright because he is seen as someone un-electable, why not SDP?

Dr Chee is SDP. SDP is Dr Chee.

Dr Chee is dislikeable. SDP is dislikeable.

Remove Dr Chee and make SDP great again!

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1 Response to Ditch Dr Chee And Make SDP Great Again!

  1. Tan S Y says:

    While I agree with you that Dr Chee may not be electable to some Singaporeans because of his political baggage even though he has been trying hard to rehabilitate himself in the past couple of years (he succeeds to a degree but not entirely). But won’t kicking him out of SDP result in his supporters saying that the SDP members who kicked him out are doing just the same as his detractors alleged what Dr Chee did to Mr Chiam?

    I know that SDP was not started by Dr Chee but he has been helming the party for years now. May be better if the SDP members who want him out leave and start their own party? No doubt that means starting afresh in a new unknown party and there are already too many in this small nation.

    Some people feel that Dr Paul Tambay (don’t know if spelling is right) may be more electable than Dr Chee. The former is soft spoken and comes across as a lot more cool headed than the latter, has good credentails and has had some exposure by now since the last election and his appearing on numerous radio and TV programs on infectious diseases. But of course Dr Chee calls the shot in the party and naturally feels he has a first call on the by election than Dr Tambay.

    I couldn’t wait for the by-election results. Dr Chee may have a fairly good shot at it since it is a by-election. But if he loses badly, then his political future could go all the way down – can’t beat his opponent even in by-election and after this so-called rehabilitation and with a much longer time of “canvassing” and getting to know the residents than the usual norm (David Ong stepped down on 12th March and Chee almost immediately started canvassing even though the by-election date was announced only a few days back.

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