BBBE2016 : The Aftermath – Chee Soon Juan Must Go


By: B Goode

It’s all over.

Despite the by-election effect, despite the opponent being a minority, despite being the darling of the alternative media, despite the SDP putting up credible proposals, despite the PAP losing the LKY sympathy factor and the SG50 feel good factor, despite all these advantageous factors, Dr Chee Soon Juan still managed to lose the BBBE2016.

I could go on and on.

Had it been someone from the WP, Murali would have lost.

As I have written before, Chee Soon Juan is a poisoned chalice. He is like a piece of rotten meat. No matter how you embellished it, it would still be rotten.

He could argue that he got an increased percentage of the votes compared to the last GE but it wouldn’t matter. He lost a by-election that had all the ingredients for an opposition win.

The SDP might want to take a leaf from the WP. They need to rejuvenate the party. They need to freshen up. They need to cross the bridge.

When Low Thia Khiang took over the mantle of the WP from the late JBJ, the party was revitalized and went to become a force to be reckoned with today.

The SDP need to do the same. And the only way to do that is to ditch Chee Soon Juan and start anew. He has led the party for the past two decades with nothing to show for.

As long as Chee Soon Juan helms the party, SDP’s brand name will never flourish.

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