Three Cheers For Mama!


By: B Goode

That wasn’t my Mama. My Mama was more beautiful.

I wish I could bring her out for dinner this mother’s day. I wish to do a lot of things for my Mama. But of all the things I wish I could do, I wish I could again hear her nag at me just to hear her voice one more time.

Had she lived for a million years with me by her side, still I’d not be able to repay all the things that she’d done for me. I could spend a million years penning down all my gratitude and it wouldn’t be complete.

Considering my life choices, I should have been dead long before her. Whenever I was teetering on the edges of life, almost falling into the abyss, she’d be there to yank me back to the safety of her bosom.

So in a macabre way, the fact that she’s dead and I am still alive, is a good enough reason for this tribute to the greatest Mama who had ever lived!



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