Amy Khor : Screw The Environment And Your Health Cos’ Styrofoam Is Cheaper


By: B Goode

If you wanted an example of a ballsless (pun intended) and lazy policy statement from the government, then this was it:

“Hawkers here are discouraged from using disposable plates, bowls and utensils made of polystyrene foam, better known as styrofoam, which are non-biodegradable and environmentally unfriendly. But the Government will not impose a ban on them in consideration of other factors, such as the cost of alternatives and inconvenience to hawkers and consumers.”

  • Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor

Governments are supposed to govern. Leaders are supposed to lead. Not to cover their asses by looking for excuses not to do what they are supposed to do and that is to work.

Styrofoam, at certain temperature emits carcinogens. And as she herself admitted, is non-biodegradable. So instead of thinking of ways and means to ban the use of styrofoam, she decided to take the easy way out by simply discouraging its use.

Really? Trying to discourage hawkers from maximising profit is like trying to discourage a cougar from eating meat.

What kind of a Minister would allow the environment and the people to be exposed to poison and toxic material because it is cheaper and more convenient? Would it break her nails if she was to come out with a better solution?

Everyone could sit pretty and be a minister. But it’d take a real leader to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty for the sake of the country.

Just because you are paid a million dollar doesn’t mean you have to look like a million dollar.

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