Mabuhay! El Presidente Senor Rodrigo Duterte



By: B Goode

Mr president. Gusto kong batiin ka sa nanalong ang halalan Pilipinas upang maging ang susunod na Pangulo ng mahusay na bansa. Pagkalooban nawa kayo ng Diyos ng lakas upang mamuno sa pagkahabag, karunungan at lakas ng loob na gawin ang Pilipinas sa isang mahusay na bansa dahil sa kaniyang bayan . Ikaw ay magpakalakas at manatili ang kurso Mr President sir !

-El Goode

I just hope my Filipina friend gave me the correct translation and not trying to troll me. And by Filipina friend I meant google translate.

He has been called many things. Trump of the east. Dictator. Murderer. Womanizer. Those are just the printable ones in this family-oriented website. But lest we forget, he is also the newly elected President of the Philippines. We might want to underline and bold the word `elected’ just to remind ourselves once again that he has the mandate of the people of the Philippines. So at the very least, we should respect that.

Mister Rodrigo Duterte does not become a President through a coup-de-tat. Nor does he become a ruler by poisoning the heir to the throne.  He is a true legitimate leader of the Philippines. A colourful one no doubt but who are we to question the sanity of the Filipinos?

Lee Kuan Yew too was given almost similar unsavoury terms when he was alive. And dead. And many of us took umbrage with that. But we persevered with our dictator and he persevered with his plans, ignoring all his detractors. When LKY died, world leaders came to pay their respect. When Saddam Hussein died, some of the world leaders were responsible for his death.

Just like what is happening to the Philippines now, many people just could not understand how Singaporeans could have voted in a dictator. They couldn’t understand simply because they didn’t understand the circumstances.

I have only been to the Philippines once. But I have been touched by Filipinos a lot of time to feel very close with the country and the people. The last time was when I had my colonoscopy at SGH. When you have been touched by a Filipina nurse during a colonoscopy, you too will feel that special bond.

The Philippines is beset with corruption, nepotism, crime and crony capitalism. But at one time the country was among the richest in Asia. But decades of mismanagement has turned it into what it is today. Nothing has worked. Presidents of all shapes and sizes have come and gone and the country has remained stagnated in poverty and income-inequality. There was a military ruler, a housewife, a general, an actor, a founder’s daughter, the son of the housewife but they all seemed to be bogged down by the corrupt system that simply refused or could not be changed.

So why not give a sex-crazy (his own words) cowboy a try? And this is no ordinary cowboy. For 22 years he was the mayor of Davao City. If you have not heard of Davao City, think Mindanao, lawlessness, Muslim extremists and you’ll get the drift. But if you go to Davao City now, you’d be surprised at how safe, clean and orderly the city is. And it is all because of Duterte’s no nonsense approach to administration just like LKY. Screw human rights when you have your people to feed.

If you looked beyond his rhetoric, drama, sabre-rattling and soundbytes which were primarily aimed at getting the votes, Duterte is a man with proven track record. To put it into perspective, cleaning up Davao City is like turning Geylang into a family-friendly amusement park.

And you know what? The Philippines have got nothing to lose. Their constitution only allows a President to serve one 6-year term. No more. So if Duterte turned out to be a fraud, Filipinos would only have 6 more years of the same thing. But if he turned out to be a saviour, the Philippines might go on to realize her full potential into becoming a great country once again.

I really hope Mr Duterte has the strength and wisdom to whip the country into shape and not to get distracted by the entrenched elites with their own selfish interests.

God speed.

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