Who Will Our Next PM Be?


By: B Goode

Too soon?

Nah. I wish Heng Swee Keat a speedy recovery.

But let’s be honest. Very few people would survive a massive stroke unscathed. Though we wished him all the best, his doctors might want him to take things easy; to take on a less stressful job. Thanks to you people who whined and moaned non-stop, being the PM of Singapore is no walk in the park.

So with Heng Swee Keat out of the running to be the next PM, I have made a list of nominees based on a poll I conducted of 2 uncles and 1 auntie at my favourite kopitiam.

So here are the nominees, not in any order of merit. In fact, it is not in order and has no merit whatsoever.

  1. Tharman

Almost everyone wants him to be the next PM because he is such a cool dude. His enthralling performances on the international stage kept his audiences in awe. He is also the Chairman of one of IMF’s steering committees which makes him so cool that he needs to wear a jumper to his meet-the-people-sessions. And he also loves our pioneer generation. Anyone who loves my grandma and grandpa gets the thumbs-up. Only point to note is that although he is also the DPM, whenever PM went on leave, the other DPM would assume PM duties. That says a lot about his pecking order. Why he is not made the heir apparent perhaps has got something to do with his age. He is already 59. In 2020 when PM Lee leaves, Tharman will be….getting his pension. Also because of his race. Is Singapore ready for an Indian PM? I say yes but China may have other ideas.

  1. DPM Teo And Other Third Generation Ministers

They are out because of their age. They are of the same generation as PM Lee. If anyone of them was to be installed as the next PM, that would not be a succession, but desperation.

  1. Chan Chun Sing

He is too low-key and he needs to up his public speaking game. One would have to google to check on his previous portfolios which are not very impressive and he has yet to stamp his name on any earth-shattering policies. He is more of a manager than a director, if you asked me. If he could come out with original policies and not just renaming or tweaking existing ones, and not to appear shell-shocked whenever he is in front of a camera, he’d be fine. And what’s up with the high-waisted uncle pants? You are in your forties ffs and not a pensioner! And those damn rumours about him being a member of the Lee clan that simply won’t go away….

  1. Tan Chuan Jin

In politics, impression matters a lot. People’s impression of him? He is too quick to blame Singaporeans for some of the issues. For example calling Singaporeans xenophobic  for showing concerns about the influx of foreign workers in Singapore. And his comment about the cardboard aunties….So yeah no.

  1. Vivian Balakrishnan

There is a reason why he is made the Foreign Minister. He talks too much airy-fairy nonsense which makes him perfect as the country’s chief diplomat. And his mishandling of the haze crisis almost got us into trouble with our giant neighbour.

  1. The Woman Ministers

I have not heard a single sensible statement made by any of the woman Ministers. They are like gossipy aunties. Put them side-by-side with the likes of Angela Merkel and people would not even notice their presence. Heck! Put them in the same room as Angelina Jolie and they’d turn into wallflowers. Yes. I am that shallow.

  1. The New Ministers

All the new ministers, those parachuted in during the last GE, are un-tested yet. Unless one of them could shine within the next four years, they simply have to wait in line.

And my money is on:

Tharman. Why not? He could be a one-term PM while waiting for a suitable candidate to appear. We could also argue that PM Lee should continue for another term beyond 2020. But give that man a break to pursue his other interests such as taking nice pictures. He deserves a rest.

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1 Response to Who Will Our Next PM Be?

  1. Tan S Y says:

    Indeed, I wish Tharman will be our next PM. He is in many ways the strongest minister in the current cabinet and is also well liked. when he speaks singporeans and the world listen. And he is only about 4 – 5 yrs older than Heng, still young enough to be PM for many more years.

    PM is also likeable but i sometimes feel he is not strong enough as a leader and that is why he let some ministers, particularly Mah Bow Tan ran wild and caused such a disaster in the property matters for years (tone deaf and mismanaged) where thousands of sporeans were adversely affected before the poor 2011 GE results jolted PAP out of their seats to finally do something not only in the property sector but also in immigration, transport, etc.)

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