HPB’s Attacks On White Rice Must Stop



By: B Goode

Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) vicious attacks on white rice have continued unabated aided by the brown-nosing government media. As a lover of white rice, and a healthy one at that, I place it upon myself to launch a counter-attack.

Let’s put this stupidity in perspective.

For thousands of years, Asians have been eating rice. Presently, there are more than 3 billion Asians on this earth. If rice was all that bad, there wouldn’t be that many of us would it? And you don’t see that many people with amputated legs hobbling around in Asian cities do you? In fact, the rate of diabetes amongst Asians is about on par as that of the non-rice eating Caucasians.

So what gives?  Apparently those folks in HPB have got nothing better to do. They should have focussed on fast foods instead because even the Americans have realised the health hazards of processed hamburgers, chickens and whatever the Americans love to eat that have caused them to be the fattest people on earth. But nope. The HPB decided to train their sights on white rice because rice farmers would not hit back. Try that on the big fast food corporations and all hell will break loose.

Speaking of fat, if you’d look at the list of HPB officers, you’d notice that some of them didn’t appear that healthy. They are fat! Yes I am fat-shaming them because they started it first by trying to shame my favourite staple grain.

So apparently some of the people in HPB did not practice what they preached. Fatties trying to educate others to be healthy are too damn funny.

What I am ranting about is that there are many causes of diabetes. But to concentrate on one factor that is the mainstay of Asian diet whilst ignoring others because they are afraid of the wrath of Ronald Mcdonald, Colonel Sanders  et al is dishonest and disingenuous.

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