Pink Dot : Rebels Without A Cause



By: B. Goode

Pink Dot is just around the corner. If you plebs do not know what a Pink Dot is, it is an annual extravaganza where homosexuals, people who like to have sex with anyone and anything, gather in Hong Lim Park in their best pink dresses and wigs, to dance and prance whilst being entertained by fellow sexual deviants. And at the end of the event, they will huddle together in a tight ball, just like how they like it, to flash pink lights to the sky for a photoshoot. And thus the name Pink Dot duh…

Then, being drama queens that they are, they will declare the event a huge success of mandingo proportions with tens of thousands of attendees, discounting the fact that the small park can only accommodate at most 5000, and to add more drama, they will say that the pink dot can be seen from outerspace.

Then they will go home to continue with their unnatural sordid lives.

Did I get it right?

Maybe not but if so then Pink Dot and other LGBT++ organisations will have to apologise for my ignorance.

Because frankly, like many others, I do not know what the fuck they are doing. If they expected us to google to find out more about their activities, well I did. But I was directed to the type of websites where upon viewing I had to rush to the toilet to wash my eyes with bleach before reciting the Hail Mary three times. Ok I exaggerated. I only had to recite it once but I did learn a new meaning of the word `fisting’. It is like colonoscopy without the scope and anaesthesia.

I’ll admit that perhaps it is tough for them to reach out to the mainstream society to educate them about the virtues of the LGTBBQ++ lifestyle. I mean, they simply cannot approach someone and say; `Hiiii! My name is Angel Chanel Desiree. I am a transvestite and I want to be your friend’, without expecting a reply; `How much?’ or a tight slap.

But how about reaching out to their own kind?

First of all a disclaimer: What I am about to write is solely from what I’ve heard from my friends. Yes I know. I’ve got terrible friends.

If you’d go to Woodlands Park carpark at night especially during weekends, you’d find transvestites and gay boys offering sexual favours for money. And if you’d go to Boon Lay park on the strip of land just beside SAFRA, under cover of the night, you’d find gays having orgy under the trees just mere metres away from families having night strolls. And most toilets in MRT stations have gays ogling at other men’s dicks.

The LGBQWTF++ community have been trying hard to justify their existence and contribution to society by showcasing their success stories. But if a straight person’s first encounter with a gay person was an old man staring at his dick in an MRT toilet, that first impression would linger with him and traumatize him to such an extent that he would not be accepting to, or believe what the LGBTQ+ community had to say.

So Pink Dot should not only be about fun. It should be more than that. And if the community wanted to be accepted, they would have to first educate their own.

How the LGBTQ+ community want the straights to view them:


How the straights view the LGBTQ+ community:


Can you blame us?

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