WARNING: Never Ever Come In Between A Fat Woman And Her Food!



By: B Goode

A video showing a fat woman scolding, cussing and shouting at a cleaning uncle who also happened to be deaf and mute, is making the rounds.

The uncle had wanted to clear the empty plates from the fatty but since she had yet to lick the plates clean, she burst into a rage-filled tantrums oblivious to the presence of other diners and her own children. Mother of the year she is definitely not.

She has since been identified as Alice Fong.  She is an active grassroot volunteer in Yishun although the People’s Association and the PAP have since denied any link with her. So the internet is lying then. Ok…


They say a picture paints a thousand words and so I shall explain it.

Alice Fong is the triple-chin fatty in the middle surrounded by what else but food. On her right is the PAP MP Lee Bee Wah. Do you remember Lee Bee Wah? She was the one who claimed not to have ever seen a shrew before. Now we know why. Because her best friend Alice Fong might have eaten them all.

And that skinny man on her left is the fatty’s husband. Again now we know why. She must have eaten all the food in the house.

I am sorry. I think I am being mean to a very very very mean fat slob.

So I’ll stop.


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