Brexit Made Easy



By: B Goode

I am not British but like most of you, I have been a hardcore supporter of Leechster, Lescester, Looseter, Leicester City Football Club since March this year. Therefore whether Britain will stay in EU or not will have an impact on the type of players this great football club can buy for next season. Or I’d have to revert back to supporting Arsenal.

So what is Brexit? I will try to make this as simple as possible for you plebs.

The European Union (EU) allows the free trade and movement of people amongst member states. Some argue that it is too free. They said that someone could enter Greece one night and rape a woman in London two nights later.

However, as far as trade between the EU bloc and the rest of the world, it is as protectionist as the chastity belts worn by the Carmelite nuns. Try exporting an orange into the EU that is not of the `approved’ size, colour, texture and taste and you will get what I mean.

So whether Britons vote to stay or leave the EU boils down to two things. One, do the British want to be a fish in a pond or a fish in an ocean? And two, does the British consider the EU as a pond or an ocean?

If I was a British, I’d vote leave because Britain once carved the largest empire known to the modern world not by being insular but being curious and inquisitive of what the rest of the world had got to offer. Their sense of independence opened up new discoveries of the brave new world. And it was this sense of independence and civility that caused them to wage many wars across the world.

So to continue to be in the EU is to surrender their sense of wonderment and independence and to subsume their spirit of adventure under the tutelage of continental idealism.

The battle of Waterloo was won by the British being nimble.

And Galileo discovered planetary laws by looking beyond the shiny apple that had just dropped from the tree.

Oh wait. That would have been Sir Isaac newton. But my point being, Gallileo would have complained that the apple was not of the proper size and colour, whilst Sir Isaac Newton would go on to discover gravity.


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1 Response to Brexit Made Easy

  1. Seow Min Fook says:

    Damned good article, included some not so good things Brutish we would never have known

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