Orlando Shooting : One More Reason For Trumpism


By: B Goode

When the news broke about the mass shooting in a gay bar in Orlando Florida, my first thought was that the shooter was a Muslim. And when I trawled the forum pages to get more detail, almost all the forum posters thought the same.

Something has gone terribly wrong when any violence anywhere in the world is attributable to the Muslims first. Whether it turned out to be right or wrong would not make this gross misperception any less sad.

In the case of Orlando, my suspicion was proven correct. Fifty people and still counting, massacred in cold blood by an American Muslim of Afghan descent who had declared his affiliation to ISIS. The fact that he was a homophobe with a violent streak was lost in the cacophony of noises generated because of his religion.

A mad man killed someone not because he was mad, but because he was a Muslim. A mad narrative in a mad mad world. And if the world, especially the Muslims could not see the error in this and try to do something more concrete than just lip-service to correct it, bigots like Donald Trump would triumph.

And if that happened, the world would indeed be a very sad place to live in.

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