A Muslim Gay Walks Into A Gay Bar……


By: B Goode

No. This is not a joke post.

Had Omar Mateen, a muslim gay, not massacred fifty gays in a gay bar, he’d be lauded as an open-minded muslim; an example of how muslims and gays could get along and live side-by-side. He might even get lucky.

But because he murdered fifty gays, and because he was also a muslim, suddenly his religion took centre stage and he was branded a muslim homophobe. But the fact is, Omar Mateen was also gay.

Breaking News: Omar Mateen was married. So he wasn’t gay. He was a bisexual.

Po-Tay-to, Po-Tah-to…..

So how did they reconcile a gay being a homophobe as well? They couldn’t. So they focussed on his religion instead.

And so the gays rallied together and turned anything and everything rainbow-coloured and lamented that they were being attacked left, right and centre, just because someone from their own community who also happened to be a muslim rampaged through a gay club in a western country.

Breaking News: Arab gays are being slaughtered and thrown off the roofs daily in Syria and Iraq.

Only western gay lives matter.

Meanwhile in Singapore, someone decided to rant about opening fire at Pinkdot2016. Not surprisingly, the gays seized the opportunity to highlight their plight, like the ST forum writer who wrote that it was due to the rise of fundamentalism in Singapore.

What the ST forum writer was trying to imply was that, since fundamentalism was the number one enemy of the LGBTs, it must also be the number one enemy of mainstream Singapore.

Girl, it doesn’t work that way.

Fundamentalism is not a bad thing. Fundamentalism does not teach anyone to kill gays. It also does not teach anyone to threaten to shoot at a gay pity-party, as much as liberalism does not cause a man to sodomize a boy in a toilet cubicle.

Those were actions borne out of pure hatred. It had nothing to do with fundamentalism. As for the sodomy, it was borne out of pure lust. It had nothing to do with liberalism.

So a gay muslim walks into a gay bar…..

….and shoots some people dead.

Suddenly, he is no longer gay but a muslim fundamentalist with an anti-gay agenda.



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