RIP Mohamad Daniel And May Your Killers Burn in Mercury



By: B Goode

That picture above was that of Mohamad Daniel, a two-year old boy who was abused by his mother and the mother’s lover non-stop for five weeks until mercifully he died in his sleep.

I cannot and will not re-read or re-write the atrocities inflicted on him because I have feelings. But you can read more here.

The prosecutors decided to charge both of his killers for child abuse instead of murder and they are asking for 10 years imprisonment.

10 years imprisonment for the brutal death of an innocent child.

But despite my seething anger, I cannot blame the prosecutors because they must have some good reasons.

So if the law of the land could not mete out the appropriate punishment, we could only pray that the celestial law could.

So I pray to the Big Alien in the sky for the killers’ souls to be yanked in the most painful way imaginable and to burn them in hell which I believe is planet Mercury.

So burn in hell you motherfuckers!

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