BREXIT : What Went Right?


By: B Goode

So a white man decides to leave an exclusive whites-only club and everyone expects the earth to stop revolving.

There is a reason why Turkey is not a member of the European Union. They are not white enough.

But racism aside, prior to the referendum and even after the momentous event, old ideologues in suits have warned of the dire apocalyptic-like consequences to Britain’s and the world’s economy. Some even said that it was a step backwards for humanity. Words like Armageddon (insert other similar words that you could get from thesaurus here) were bandied out like as if Russia had just launched a nuclear attack on the US.

Dear sheeples. Take a look outside of your window now. What do you see? Yes that’s right. The spiders don’t give a fuck!

True. In the immediate aftermath of the referendum, the stock markets crashed, the financial markets crashed, oil prices crashed and whatever else that were related to the economy went KABOOM! The price of fish at the Jurong Fishmarket didn’t crash though. Dafug.

But anyway, most of that was either due to kneejerk reactions or to speculators who got themselves, burnt. In the next couple of days you might hear of some punters committing suicide. But you might also hear the laughter of aunties because the prices of their gold bangles and necklaces have just shot through the roof. And already Singaporeans are planning their trips to London because of the pound sterling’s depreciation.

Win some. Lose some.

I have read many reactions from the Negative Nancies but the worst, or rather a comment that truly epitomised their blinkered views was from our very own Ambassador-at-Large Bilahari Kausikan who said:

“It isn’t often you see a country commit suicide before your eyes.”

“We are also witnessing the tragically irrational consequences of western democracy. The UK is only an example of the dysfunctionality of a system taken to extremes.”

His words were only matched in their callousness by those from another Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh:

“The result is a tragedy for the UK and for the EU. The global wave of populism which is sweeping the world is a danger to democracy and to democratic institutions. Let us hope that it will not invade Singapore.”

What they were basically saying was that:

“If you disagreed with us, you were stupid.”

Aah angry old ideologues in suits. Don’t you just love them. Their anger has so clouded their rational thoughts. I have never seen anyone this angry since a friend of mine lost a fortune in the stock market many years ago. Hmmm I wonder….

So as the old ideologues in suits scratched their balding heads for answers, the real answer was lying in plain sight.

To the #voteleave campaigners and supporters, it was never about the economy. It was never about globalisation. In the first place, how would being a member of the most protectionist economic bloc in the world be global? Unless Europe is the world and the world is Europe. But it is not.

Those who voted leave were mostly the older folks. They were the ones who still remember the reasons why the EU was formed in the first place. They were also the ones who cherish the many wars that their forefathers had fought to ensure the independence of their little Islands from the threats of the mainland Europeans.

After so many years in the EU, the British realised that the mainland Europeans sitting in Brussels were slowly usurping their independence and free-will. How could a group of men who didn’t speak their language, who didn’t enjoy their food and weather, who couldn’t understand their culture, decide on what they could and could not do? How could those same men decide that their tax money should help to pay for the extravagance of the Greeks and the Romanians?

And most of all, how could those men decide that the British should accept thousands of un-screened refugees from the Middle East? After more than a thousand years of wars to keep the British isles safe from the invading Vikings, Normans and the like, they were not about to let the warring Arabs in via the backdoor.

So to the #voteleave supporters, the economy can wait. Given time, the markets will recover. Trade will continue.

But once a nation’s identity and free-will are lost, it may be forever.

So yes. The British got it right.

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