Bus Driver Hailed As A Hero For Driving A Bus


By: B Goode

Mr Boey Tah Han, 53, an SMRT bus driver, was today hailed as a hero by the LTA for his act of selflessness and extreme professionalism in driving his commuters to their destinations.

In a statement, the LTA said that Mr Boey exhibited an exemplary conduct in performing his job.

“Mr Boey worked tirelessly during his shift to ferry his paying passengers to their destinations. His achievement was more commendable considering the fact that he accomplished it without a single toilet break for the whole 2 hours journey. For his dedication, gallantry and performing his job above and beyond the call of nature, he deserved to be recognised as a hero!” the statement read.

When contacted by TSB, Mr Boey said that he was humbled by the accolade.

“If the gahmen say that I am a hero, then I must be a hero lor..” said Mr Boey.

When asked if he was happy for the recognition, Mr Boey said: “Of course I am happy. Even the doctors and the nurses who save people’s lives every day never get the Hero title.”

“I just hope they are not jealous of my title and to continue working according to their job scopes. I am sure one day they also will be recognised as heroes,” he added.

In other news, Changi Airport also hailed its firefighters as heroes for….fighting fire.

So our heartfelt congratulations to all our heroes! It is indeed rare and special for anyone to be called a hero for doing a job they are trained and paid to do.



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