Stanchart Bank Heist : Captain Bochap Strikes Again!


By: B Goode

An unarmed man in a hoodie casually walked into an unguarded bank and handed over a note to the teller requesting for some cash. He was duly given $30,000 and coolly walked out.

A bank robbery? Seemed more like an unauthorised cash withdrawal.

If that was a Hollywood movie, it would have tanked in the box-office due to the plot holes unless the man was played by George Clooney and the bank teller his love interest played by Angelina Jolie.

But the incident happened in ultra-paranoid Singapore where we were willing to surrender our privacy to 68,000 roving cameras just so the authorities could catch a cat-killer or two. Yet, an open-concept bank was allowed to operate without an armed guard.

And the real culprit got away in the midst of smokescreen and red herrings.

The culprit I am referring to is the bochap attitude that is increasingly prevalent in governance. This time, the host of the bochap virus is none other than the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

*Bochap – Care-less, heck-care, fuck-care

A few days after the incident, (Yes. It took MAS a few days to realise what was happening), MAS issued a statement reminding all banks to make sure that their security arrangement are adequate. It was basically MAS telling the banks to “take care, bro!”

When I was a horny 18 years old, I went on a trip with some friends to Bangkok. At the airport, my mom told me to “take care.” With no supervision whatsoever and armed only with a broken moral compass that, after a few swigs of Jack Daniel’s, was lost between the sumptuous breasts of a Thai girl (I think she was a girl), “take care” quickly became “fuck care”.

Banks and other profit-making corporations are to put it mildly, greedy bastards. Left to their own devices, they will spend as little money on non-profit generating activities such as security.

And that is why we have government departments to ensure that they follow the rules and regulations and not to run wild in their thirst for profits.

In the case of Banks, it is the responsibility of MAS to perform due diligence on their security arrangement. When was the last time MAS did a physical audit check at the Holland Village Stanchart branch?

Most importantly, why was that branch that dealt with cash transactions and having an open-concept layout allowed to operate without an armed guard?

We could argue that only $30,000 was robbed and that no one was injured. But it could have been worse, couldn’t it?

MAS and other government departments must now start to truly understand their missions, responsibilities and the reason why they were set-up in the first place. They have to stop the bochap attitude from taking hold.

In short: get off your effing chair and start to do some real legwork ffs!

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