Michelin Guide, Olympics Broadcast : Complaints Galore!


By: B Goode

Singaporeans are the complaint kings of the world. Everybody knows that. Which is a good thing because according to a study made by a group of professors from the NUS, complaining is a good way to de-stress.

UPDATE: The NUS study has been made null and void because the group of professors have been found to have faked their thesis, and their degrees.

Joke aside, even a doctor with a fake certificate from Myanmar can tell you that complaining is really good for the mind, body and soul. This is one of the reasons why Singaporeans live for so very long. So long that even the government cannot decide on our retirement age because they cannot tell when we are actually going to die. So they make us work and work hoping that, that will finally cause us to kick the bucket and save them a few million dollars in medical subsidies.

So a group of Ang Mohs from Michelin decided to give a star to a few hawker stalls. You’d expect Singaporeans to be happy because finally our hawker fares are being recognised albeit by a tyre company. But nope. We complain that there are other stalls worthy of the star.

Look. If you need a tyre company to tell you what is good to eat, then you really need to get your tongue checked. One of my favourite stalls is the nasi padang stall at Desker Road. Yes. I went there for the food. Not the hookers.

The makcik served an out-of-this-world fish roe cooked in chilli padi and coconut milk. It is worthy of 5 Michelin stars. But don’t expect any stars from the ang moh judges who are more accustomed to cheese and snails than fiery hot chillies. They’d be lucky to survive the ordeal with their tongues intact.

And then we have the brouhaha regarding the lack of live broadcast for the Olympics on TV.

I’ve got one question for these people who are apparently still living in the stone-age of media broadcast.

You guys still use TV?

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