AGO Report : What’s Next? Nothing It Seems



By: B Goode


It is very refreshing to read a damning audit report that doesn’t involve the AHTC or the WP.

No doubt the AGO audit didn’t include the AHTC but still it went to show that if you nit-picked and scrutinized something deep enough, there were bound to be lapses.

But the important question would be: What’s next?

All the government and statutory departments implicated in the multi-million dollar lapses when asked said that they accepted the report and would make amends to ensure that the lapses would not be repeated.

But none of them said that the officers guilty of the lapses would be taken to task.

In case they had forgotten, those lapses involved taxpayers money. And in the case of some departments such as the HDB for failing to collect carpark charges, it involved loss of income for the government. If that is not dereliction of duty, I don’t know what is.

Punitive and disciplinary actions must be taken against anyone responsible for the lapses. If not, what is there to deter new lapses from occurring?

If anyone had any doubt about taking disciplinary action against the culprits, just ask yourself this question:

Had the culprit been the AHTC or WP or any of the opposition parties, would you be baying for blood?

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