NUS Running Scared : All Orientation Camps Cancelled


By: B Goode

In the aftermath of the sex-themed parties masquerading as orientation camps fiasco, the National University Of Sexually Starved Students Singapore (NUS) have decided to cancel all orientation activities.

This is like the old saying: Burning the bed after you discovered your husband was having sex with the maid on it. Errr… maybe not. I remember the real old saying having a mosquito in it.

Anyway, many people would see NUS’ decision as a victory of reasons over stupidity, of NUS having the moral courage to take action against lewdness in the face of extreme criticism.

But I only saw dogs barking up the wrong trees, and a red herring swimming amongst a school of piranhas.

It is pertinent to note that when horror stories of female students being subjected to sexually abusive raggings, of them being violated and molested first came out, the NUS simply issued a lip-service stating that those responsible would be taken to task and future camps would be closely monitored.

But as soon as videos of students getting dunked went online, the NUS decided to put a stop to all camps. It is like saying it is alright for women to be sexually exploited but not in a bootcamp.

People have said that these types of sexual raggings happened annually. This is more the reason why NUS must be taken to task for turning a blind eye to such misconduct.

We shall see whether NUS’ promise to investigate and to discipline those found guilty will actually happen. If not, we could say that the cancellation of all future camps was just an attempt by NUS to pull wool over our eyes; to distract our attention away from NUS’ own liability at enabling such gross misdemeanours.

And those students who felt violated during the camps, so violated that they felt the need to run to the media to complain, they should make a Police report.

Nothing like a Police investigation to whack the living daylights of NUS administration so that they’d take more proactive measures to prevent such things from ever happening again.

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